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Trisha Trixie


  • What does your writing process look like?

I sit down generally at my desktop computer in the living room (which is my current studio) or at my laptop on my bed desk I confiscated from my mother ,when I am suffering with my Chronic Pain which seems to be most often lately, and then I open two files…both on Google docs…

One is my timeline or outline and the other is my draft.

I follow my timeline for where I want to be, what chapter I want to write for that day and the draft is where I write for that day. Then when I am done writing the chapter or chapters for the day I go back into Google docs and open another folder which is my Working copy that my editor and I work from. I copy that chapter or chapters into that file so she can edit it, make comments etc to keep me on track.

From there, once that is all edited, I take those edits and add them to another folder called Publishers Copy and copy those edits into a Publishers copy and then download those into a PDF folder and then that PDF goes out to the publishers I am trying to sell to or goes into the proposal letters.

  • Do you have any writing quirks, habits, rituals?

I like to listen to the Beatles music when I am writing. I like to have my cats near me. I like to have a cup of loose leaf Chai Rooibos Tea, Marsala or Ceylon, in the cup my mother gave me (or should I say I begged to take with me that last time I left her), I generally have a cannabis CBD vape pen or a bowl of CBD strain near me, but that is because it hurts to sit for so long, and it relaxes me to write, I like to have my African Jade, Tiger Eye Mala on me and I wear my reading glasses while I write, though my other glasses are nearby so I can switch easily if I need to.  I have a pink notebook always near me that my sister Bonnie gave me, of notes and other quips of ideas for this book and other books and ideas, and I almost always do my morning pages ( a Julia Cameron Artist’s Way thing) before I write so I get out all the junk first so when I write, I can write free and clean and clear and I like to do my Mala mantras before I sit down to write for the same reason as well as my yoga and meditate.

  • If you could cast anyone to be the characters in the movie adaptation of your book who would they be?

I would love to see Tea Leoni or Scarlett Johansson as me because everyone always says the see me in those women. As for any of the other players in the book I don’t know.

I could also see  Charlize Theron, Elisha Cuthbert, Amber Heard, Ali Larter, Kaley Cuoco, Michelle Williams,  Piper Perabo, Candice King, Blake Lively, Kate Hudson, Drew Barrymore,  Leslie Mann, Reese Witherspoon, Shantel VanSanten…

As you seen I’ve given little to no thought about it (<- insert attempted sarcasm here)

  • Have you ever thought about where you want your book to go or what audience you want this book to reach?

Yes, I have visions, daydreams and night dreams. I wake up from these dreams of me sitting in a Barnes and Noble with lines of people waiting to meet me to tell me how much the book changed their life, how much it made a difference and how my transformation story was exactly the book they needed to read.

I’ve dreamt  about being on a stage, doing Motivational Speaking talks like Tony Robbins or Joel Osteen, talking to thousands and millions of people. Telling others my story and how I overcame it.

I’ve had people share with me that when I tell them about the book, that they have had goosebumps and that they feel it is “Oprah-worthy” which then I end up getting in my car or go back home and end up having daydreams about sitting across from Oprah and talking to people about this book.

  • Do you see this book reaching mass audiences or being on a major talk show and if so, which one? or ones?


Oprah. Ellen. Dr. Phil. Dr. Oz. The Tonight Show. The Late Show. The View. The Today Show.The Talk.  Good Morning America. Katie, The Chew, Bethenny and any others who will have me, including but not limited to Denver Everday, CBS4 Morning, Daybreak and even being on shows back in Iowa again like KCWI and Insight Advertising and such and other shows like Experience Pros, I hope will want to pick me up and showcase such a great story.

  • Do you like to write other things too or just books?

Yes, I have blogged for years and written since I could remember picking up a pencil.

  • Have you written for any media or place where we could see your work?

Yes I used to write for Des Moines is Not Boring, when I lived in Des Moines Iowa. I also used to write and write from time to time for The Des Moines Womens Club, though I don’t live there anymore, I fully support them in any way I can as a former member. I also have written article submissions for Forbes and

  • If you didn’t like writing books, what would you do?

In my alter-ego lives, I am a  renaissance woman. I do it all, as many will tell you.

These are a small sum of my other lives… (as well as my author life)

I have written poems that were published in other books. I have written articles that were published in other magazines and no this isn’t my first book. My first published book was published through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing which offered 75% for the first 90 days, and I heard about that through NaNoWriMo, which is a great writing challenge every November all across the world. You have to write 50,000 words in 30 days and there are supporters and others there to support and help you, challenges and writing prompts and fun ways to be involved. At the end there are publishers and ways to help you to get your work published and that is what I did.

The first book is Days of Corn Tortillas Can be still bought on Amazon for a fraction of the price but still available BUY ON AMAZON HERE

Days of Corn Tortillas is a memoir about a mother an and daughter adventure through life that showcases how amazing one mother can truly be and how genuine one daughter truly is. By the end of the book you hopefully will desire to be like both of them. 

  • What’s on the docket now?

The book I am working on now…Falling into Fabulous:  A Phoenix Rising  A transformation story about overcoming and how to do it fabulously

  • What writing advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Start doing it…NOW.

The longer you wait, the harder it gets, so if you want to write about something, get crackalackin!