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Stop Holding On-Knowing When to Let go

Do you feel like you are barely holding on?

Do you feel like you are holding onto something or someone that you need to let go of?

Do you need to find a way to let go of your past?

Are you afraid to let go of things in your life you know aren’t serving you but you don’t know what else to do?

The therapists and the coaches and maybe even your friends keep telling you how simple it is, “Just Let Go” but to you, it is not that easy.

You want to let go of your toxic relationship with a family member, but they are family and maybe you still have to see them, or maybe you think your family will be mad at your for removing that person from your life. I am not denying that any of that might happen, because it could. But let me ask you this?

Aren’t you worth it?

Is it worth holding onto something that you know is not serving you or will serve you in its present state?

Maybe you are holding onto a job that you hate, the boss makes you feel like crap or makes you cry all the time. You think you need to stay here and be miserable because that is what society has told you. Guess what? That’s a lie. You are fully capable of getting and finding a job that suits, you that people don’t treat you like crap. If you want it, manifest it!

Why are you making yourself miserable every day? Did you know there is the perfect job with your name on it just waiting for you? Did you know there is the perfect person for you who will love you and you two will be whole together? Did you know that happiness for you is actually right around the corner?

Most likely if you are reading this, you or someone you know feels like they are barely holding on. Barely holding on to their job, barely holding on to a relationship, barely holding on to life. If you are barely holding on, did you know that you are already one step towards letting go?

Is it scary to let go? Hell yes!

Are you in the what if world? What if this happens or what if that happens? Your world will not change until you decide to change it. That means if you need to let go, if you are barely holding on, the universe has already given you the answer…let go and take chance on life.

How do you do that?


Yep, plan.

There are those of us like me, who can leap without a net, who can jump when we don’t know what is underneath us, who let’s go, not knowing what will happen next.

Then there are those who need to plan a bit more. I bet that is you. It’s ok to plan. Planning is a good thing. I plan, business models, business plans, task lists, I plan spontaneous time even! There are just certain things I don’t plan and those things I leap.

How do you plan to let go?

  • Write a pro/con list. Pros and cons of your current situation or relationship
  • Write a list of what is your ideal of this  situation or relationship
  • Compare the two- which one wins
  • Now start planning HOW you will take action towards that goal of letting go
  • Maybe save up money, look for new work on certain sites, update your resume, update postings, stop using a Credit card, etc to leave the job you hate
  • Maybe start talking to others about your relationship, a therapist or someone who can help you heal inside your heart, work backward to when you want to leave and list the steps you need to take to get there.
  • Start taking time for yourself. Many times I will find people are feeling things are toxic or they want to let go because they are overwhelmed. They might be doing too much and not taking enough “Self Love self-care” time for themselves.

I have given you three FREE worksheets out of my book Falling Into Fabulous: A Phoenix Rising for you to play around with. To buy my book for the rest of the workbook and my personal transformation story, buy my book on Amazon or other fine retailers.

FIF_ The Least List_ Yucks, Hates, Ain_t Gonna Do_s and Nope, You Can_t Make Me (Right click, save as)

FIF_The Most List_ Likes, Loves, Laughs & Money (Right click, save as)

FIF_ Letting go (Right click, save as)

XoXo Trisha Trixie

“When given the option of being fabulous, why would you choose anything else?”

5D4_2054_pp FIF book Front and Back Cover

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