The Risen


The Risen is a Community for those who are ready to rise up in their lives and transform into what they were always meant to be…themselves! #BeFabulous

❤I’m Trisha Trixie and I help men and women overcome life obstacles and to own their own fabulousness! I created this safe space for those who want to grow and learn how to absolutely fall in love with themselves ❤

Our daily themes will be:

» Mindfulness Monday: Tips and Ways to be Mindful, To Be Present (No Multi Tasking), and to Self -Love.❤

» Trixie Tuesday: Tips, Tricks, and Tidbits from Trisha Trixie to Inspire and Encourage you on your Journey.❤

» WishCasting Wednesday: What does your heart wish for this week? What does it YEARN for? Share your wishes here.(This is important to share your wishes with the universe to change the universal energy❤

» Thursday Throw Backs: We’ll explore what the simple things in life used to be and how we can incorporate them in our lives, today.❤

» Fabulous Friday: Share an image of yourself feeling, being, or doing something fabulous!!❤

» Starfish Saturday: What RAOK (Random Act of Kindness) did you do this week? Are going to do? Did someone do for you by making your day?❤

» Switch Off Sunday: Switch Off the tech and self-love yourself, friends and family.❤


If you are ready to RISE up in your life and take charge of your own destiny,  overcome those obstacles in life that have been holding you back, then come join THE RISEN.

❤Are YOU Ready to RISE?❤

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