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Loving Yourself is NOT a Slap in the Face: Loving Kindness Meditation The Trixie Way

Everyday I do a Loving Kindness meditation on Calm.com  The more I do this, the more I feel the abundance of love within myself, for others I know and for those I don’t.  I have shared this with friends, new acquaintances and even with those online. I have heard from many that they feel like when they do it (the meditation), it can seem like a slap in the face to them and that at first they don’t resonate with it. Then they feel stupid and dumb. Then they go through the beating-them-self-up phase. Of course, this is counterproductive, not the desired effect of feel loving kindness toward themselves and others.  So now what? Now what do they do?

Get out of your head. 

Now get back in your head.

Change your thinking to this…

I want you to focus on one simple thought.


Turn on http://www.calm.com or some other soothing music. I like to do the one with the bells or chimes to keep bringing me back to the moment, but put on something without words, something soothing and calming….


I want you to focus simply on your breath. Breathing in ‘I know that I am breathing in’. Breathing out ‘I know that I am breathing out’. That’s it. That is all I want you to think about. Over and over and over. If you feel like you have that mastered, THEN and only then do we want to move on to Love.


When I am breathing out love I like to move my hands with it. I move my hands almost as if dancing, like swaying movements inwards towards my body, like I am drinking it in when breathing in and when giving it out I am pouring it out of my body. You can just breathe it in or out; you do what comes natural to you. It is your exercise, it is all up to you.

Breathe love into the parts of your body you DO love. Do you love that weird quirky little toe of yours? Breathe love into it. Literally, take a deep breathe in and then, when you breathe out, breathe out all the air onto that weird quirky little toe. Do that over and over, even to the parts of your body you can’t see. Now, those parts you don’t like, breathe love to those too. Every part of you needs love.

Now, think about the people that you  love. Breathe in a good deep breath and then breathe out love to them. Breathe love to as many or as few people as you do or don’t want.

Now think about those people that you are having difficulties with or issues with. Breathe in a deep breath, and when you breathe out, breathe love to them too. Again, as little or as many people as you like.

Take your time, no rush.

Now, think about all beings. Breathe in love for all beings and then breathe out and pour out love to all beings. I like to open my arms out as wide as they can be, like when your mom used to ask you ” how much do you love me?” and you would open your arms really wide and say “THIS MUCH!” yesssss….that much…..

Then, when you are done with that, take a moment and do a couple of cleansing breaths…

Then slowly wiggle your toes, wiggle your fingers….and open your eyes…

When I am finished, I generally have tears in my eyes. I am so full of compassion and love for my fellow human being, my heart is so full it is like the Grinch story. It is as if my heart has grown ten times or more!

Opening your heart is NOT a slap in the face. Opening your heart to love, is scary, and THAT my friends  is the slap that scares you.

Do not let that win.

Do not allow the world to win.


You may have fallen. Maybe you are in the dirt now. There is nowhere to look but up. Take the rocks and build the bridge that will help you get across. Take the dirt and rain from the storms and make a home.  Your life is up to you. You get to choose the outcome.

Love yourself today, and every day. Stop slapping yourself. Start loving  yourself today. Start loving those you hate. Start loving all beings. Start seeing how different your life can and will be when you make this change towards loving kindness. Fall into Fabulous…what are you waiting for?