Fabulousity, In the Storms of Life

Find Me in The Storm

In the storm is where you’ll find me.

That where I always seem to be.

I like to stand in the rain and hold my hands out and let the rain wash over me. I like to stop and feel the wind rushing over my face. I love to jump in the puddles. I have learned to love the storms as much as I love the peace when it is over.

Do you often find yourself in the storm? How do you think when you are in the storm? How do you feel? What emotions do you encounter in yourself? Do you find yourself aggravated, irritated, and upset because you are there? Or do you sit back and let the storm pass over you? Or perhaps it feels like something different to you and you don’t know what to do or how to react?

Sometimes, when we are in the storm, we can’t see past it. We see the chaos, the struggle, the troubles, the trails, the adversity, the obstacles. I want to try to open your eyes to the beauty of the storm, most especially when in the eye of the storm.

Instead of destruction, see a rebirth

Instead of chaos, see the calm

Instead of turbulence, see a ride

Instead of the thunder, listen for new insights

Instead of lightning, see the wonder of science

Mostly, though it all, remain in control.

How you handle the storm is way more important than the storm itself.

It doesn’t matter how you got there, it only matters what you do now that you are there.

In the Eye of the storm,  remain in control…



Seeing the beauty in the storm will change your outlook, your perspective. By changing your outlook, you then change how you deal with it. When you stop looking at yourself as a victim and instead start looking at yourself as a victor, your world will change inside your heart and out.

How do you find yourself in the storm? Is it maybe time to change the way you are looking at it? It is time to rise up and overcome the storms of your life?

To learn more about my storms and how I overcame them, buy my book Falling Into Fabulous: A Phoenix Rising on Amazon. Once you do, I would love a review to hear your thoughts.

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~XOXO Trisha Trixie

Hugs and Kisses and fairytale wishes