Not a Tear Was Wasted

Have you cried many nights, in your turmoil, adversity and trials?

Have you wondered if all those tears were worth it?

Did the tears make anything better?

Do you wonder, if all those tears were wasted?

They were not.

Not a tear was wasted.

The Lord, heard every cry and he counted every tear.

Those tears were all consumed by the love of our Heavenly Father.

I cried many tears too.

I cried until I thought I was drowning in my tears.

I cried until thought there was no way I could cry anymore.

I cried in so much anguish asking, yearning, wishing, pleading, dear lord, why aren’t you answering me??

But you know what….?

He WAS answering me. In HIS way.

He was refining me.

He was building me up.

He was making me stronger.

He is making you stronger too.

I promise you, not a tear you cry is being wasted.

He hears your cries.

He knows why each of those drops is being cried.

Each of those tears has a purpose.

You may not see it now.

I understand.

I didn’t see it at first.

But I had faith.

I need you to have faith.

Faith in fabulous.

Those tears will set  you free.

Don’t be afraid to cry.

Let them roll.

Let’s them pour out of you.

They each have a purpose.

Their purpose is to make you fabulous.

More fabulous than you already are.

Fabulous tears for a fabulous you.


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