Painting Beauty in the Ashes

So you lost your home?

You lost your business?

You lost your children?

You lost your car?

You lived on the street?

You had your heart broke?

You have been abused?

Has your dignity been stolen?

Has your integrity been compromised?

Do you feel like everything is crumbling down around you?

Do you feel like your life is going up in flames?


Then let it.

Let the fires burn.

Let everything go.

Let the abusers try to tear you down.

Let them take your business.

Let them take your home.

Let them break your heart.

Let them take it all, ruin it all, demolish it…ALL.

The more the fires burn, the more you have a chance to make anew.

There were times in my life, I thought so much had been destroyed, that nothing else could be taken, and then something would happen, and more was taken to the point of no return, I really DID hit rock bottom. I looked at my life and saw nothing but ashes, soot, blackness, everything demolished.

And then, I saw things no one else could see…

I saw hope.

I saw faith.

I saw courage.

I saw determination.

I saw fearlessness.

I saw tolerance.

I saw perseverance.

I saw beauty in the ashes.

I became a Phoenix and you can too.

Trust in the process.

We all fall down.

Falling is NOT a bad thing.

Falling allows us the chance to look up.

Allow yourself to fall.

Fall on your knees.

Fall into fabulous.

It will all be okay.



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